Here are questions
that are frequently asked.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate from anywhere in the world! We vet everyone individually. Sign up and share your best work to be considered here.

What software can I use? 

You can use any software and any libraries that you’d like, unless specified in the battle theme. 

Do I need to share my screen and webcam?

Yes, all competitors do need to share their screen. If you don’t share your webcam, ideally we will use a profile pic or icon instead. You will need to have a functional microphone so that we can interview you during the competition.

Do I need to sign anything? 

Yes, we have a simple performance contract that you will sign prior to the show. 

What are the prizes for winning? 

First place winner gets $100, runner up gets $50!

Who decides the winners? 

In order to win you will need 2 out of 3 total votes. In our premier season, our two hosts Kyle Hudson and Eena Daou will be the main judges, with the audience providing the final swing vote if a tie breaker is needed.

Can I prep? When will I know the theme?

Competitors will be given the theme at the start of the battle during the live show.

How can I watch? 

The show will be streamed live on Twitch and possibly Youtube.

How can I share this? 

You can share it on any platform using #worlddesignchamp and follow us at @worlddesignchamp

There are rules.
Here they are.

Competitor Rules & Requirements

Battles are timed, competitors have 30 mins to craft a piece and 5 mins to render the piece. Judging will take place right after that. Prizes will be awarded after the judges reach a decision. In total, the show runs about 1 hour.

You will need: 

  • Ability to share your screen, webcam and microphone
  • Our team will assess on a case by case basis

Today's date: June XX, 2020

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